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25 Lanzarote Attractions – Teguise Golf

Lanzarote golf links Review – Teguise Golf

Before telling you about my particular outing at Teguise Golf, the more avid golfers amongst you’ll probably want to understand what views they will expect to ascertain and therefore the technical stuff that goes with playing golf. on behalf of me, it had been simply an excellent opportunity to spend a morning with a former work colleague (Colin) and his son (David) as they were staying during a neighboring villa on La Goleta, a part of the broader Faro Park Development.

The course runs along the side of an old volcano (no surprise there given Lanzarote’s landscape) and has inspirational views of volcanic lava, cacti and over includes over 3,000 palm trees, and has superb views of the Atlantic throughout. A golf link like this one is sort of simple, in my opinion, nature at its best. César Manrique, the person who taught the people of Lanzarote to worry for his or her natural habitat has left his influence everywhere. If you’re a Golf ‘anorak’, you would possibly also want to read the subsequent paragraph of technical data? If you’re not, simply jump it.

The course measures 6041m (White); 5582m (Yellow); 5289m (Blue); and 4938m (Red). Generally, visitors pit the blue tees. The Slope Rating of the course is 127 (White); 127 (Yellow); 130 (Blue); and 124 (Red)
We played off Blue Tees. The course measures 5289 Metres (5791 Yards for the non-converts) and may be a Par 72 course.

I’ve since acknowledged that the course was designed by British landscape gardener John Harris and inbuilt 1978. it’s a very incredible course, not only due to its design but also because of the superb condition during which it’s kept all year round and at Easter (April 2006), it had been in superb condition. Given its location, it benefits from a warm and pleasant climate all year round, tempered only by sea breezes from the island’s almost constant trade winds. The course is meant to be smooth yet varied. it’s quite your average number of doglegs, designed to check your ability (or lack of it) and allows you to bring all of your clubs into play. it’ll test everyone from scratch players to those folks with smaller abilities.

Address : Avenida del Golf, s/n. 35509 Costa Teguise (Lanzarote).
Telephone : (00 34) 928 59 05 12
Fax : (00 34) 928 59 23 37

The Following services are often found at the Club – Club hires, trolleys, buggies, golf range, pro-shop, and club storage. There are separate male and feminine changing rooms and you’ll hire lockers. there are a Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant offers a varied menu, supported Mediterranean cuisine.

The prices vary consistent with the season. within the “Summer” months (1st June to 30th September) it costs 53 Euros (for 18 Holes) and 36 Euros (for 9 Holes after 4 pm). within the “Winter” (we played in Winter and it had been scorching !), it costs 65 Euros (18 Holes) and 52 Euros (9 Holes after 3 pm). The Course has discount agreements with most of the hotels on the island, so check at your hotel, or inspect a close-by hotel if you’re privately accommodation as you’ll often get a far better deal than this by doing so.

And so, to our outing. We planned to line off at 7 am from our ‘home’ in Playa Blanca (the idea is to not spoil the day for others and ‘Brownie Points’ for everybody !.

There was to be four of playing, but that quickly became three when Gary (“The Rainman”) decided he was on holiday and wasn’t coming to Golf at 7 am (given that he left British Open on Faro Park in the dark the night before (to steel oneself against golf), I used to be very surprised to urge the “Dear John “ text very first thing within the morning. Gary’s nickname may be a long story, but basically, when it’s cold he wants it hot and when it’s hot he prays for rain (and usually gets it, so I’m not that keen on happening holiday with him !)

The three folks (Colin, a piece colleague, his son David and yours truly) depart around 7:30 am, and that we drove along the LZ-2 then headed towards San Barthelme then into Costa Teguise (avoiding Arrecife !)
When we arrived we were told it had been members’ day (Saturday !) which that they had no tee times for 3 hours. a fast little bit of heuristic later, we asked if we could play 10-18 then get a Tee time for 1-9 which they agreed to (something you’d almost expect them to suggest within the UK, so ask if you would like to)

We decided we’d have a ‘friendly’ game of singles (if there’s such a thing) – Loser buys the beers at the 19th hole.

We played Stableford, off full handicaps (you’ll need them). to chop along story short (ish), Colin was ‘flying’, I used to be struggling to even stay in-tuned and David, well David was having a nasty day (it’s even as well he hired his clubs !). Colin was five points ahead with five to play before he decided to point out to us his impression of “Devon Loch” (he’s the horse that collapsed of exhaustion 50 yards from the finish line within the 1956 Grand National when leading by 20 lengths !)

Going up the 18th Colin was one behind (but I didn’t rub it in, honest)!

Colin tells me his wife Jackie enjoyed her first trip to the island which they’ll return. I’m sure if we ever go ‘into combat’ again, David will are the range beforehand to shake off the cobwebs and Colin will confirm that he doesn’t sprint when it’s a marathon.

Me, well I had my day!

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